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What We Built in 2023 So Far: Using Data to Modernize Commercial Construction

We're excited to highlight a suite of significant enhancements and updates for Relay as well as some commercial updates about the company. Our latest features have been designed to empower both Owners and General Contractors

Revolutionizing Construction Management: The Power of Cost and Schedule Integration

Explore the benefits of a modern project controls platform that integrates cost and schedule data to improve project outcomes and the best practices for implementing.

Preconstruction Technologies that are Transforming Construction

Explore how preconstruction technology is revolutionizing the construction industry by solving common process problems & discover the benefits of adopting tech now.

Revolutionizing Construction Management: Harnessing the Power of Cost and Schedule Integration

Relay can provide efficient, effective project controls for all contractors, regardless of size. Learn more how we do it.

Griffin Partners: Construction RFPs and Bid-Leveling

Griffin Partners has significantly improved their preconstruction process since introducing Relay into their workflow to streamline the construction RFP and bid-leveling process.

SOC 2 for Construction Software Users

SOC 2 certification is important to construction software users to protect their business critical data.

What is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and How Do Owners Benefit?

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has been growing in popularity for Owners in construction who benefit from this delivery method.

Alarming Results from a Study of Project Outcomes

An academic review of project outcomes highlights some key findings and lessons learned.

An Elusive Goal: Predictable and Repeatable Project Delivery

Use technology to enable predictable and repeatable project outcomes

Leverage Process Standards to Improve Project Consistency

Clear process standards help reduce risk and inconsistency in commercial construction projects.

Modern Software Implementations Aren't So Scary

Software implementation can be well-planned to reduce the burden of change management.

Quick Dive: Software Integrations

How do software integrations work? Read to learn more.

Are We Overly Optimistic In Our Early-Stage Estimates?

Optimism in early-stage estimates is hard to identify but pervasive, effecting project outcomes.

Building an Effective Tech Stack

A step-by-step guide to successfully choosing software that will actually solve your business needs.

Forecast More Accurately

Consider incorporating some of these recommendations to improve the accuracy of your forecasts.

Do More with Your Existing Team

Thoughts to improve workplace satisfaction and efficiency

Data 101

We all know data is important. How do we use it?

Quick Dive: Common Data Environment

What exactly is a common data environment? Read this to find out more.

The Benefits of Transparency for Project Owners

Project owners have a lot to gain from greater clarity into the status and data of their projects.

Quick Dive: APIs

What is an API exactly? Read for a high-level overview.

Relay and BCS Capital announce strategic partnership

Relay Construction Solutions, a preconstruction software platform, will enable BCS to accelerate their process from project identification through construction.

What CFOs Need To Know About Preconstruction Data

Margin fade doesn’t need to be a cost of doing business. Getting out of spreadsheets into a single data environment gives contractors the ability to monitor, review and learn from their estimate and historical data to improve project predictability.

Our Founding Story: The Origin of Relay's Pre-Construction Management Software

Founded in 2020, Relay is a unique team of construction insiders, successful tech founders, and leading software development talent. We've come together to build modern software specifically for preconstruction.

Relay Launches Its Construction Bid Software with Its First Clients

Construction bid software Relay Construction Solutions has officially launched, with its imminent roll out to its first three clients.

Pre-Construction Software Platform, Relay, Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Relay Construction Solutions, a preconstruction management platform, has completed its SOC 2 Type 2 audit, the company announced Monday.

Relay Construction Bid Software Hires Reed Barrett as Executive VP of Sales

Construction bid software Relay has hired Reed Barrett as its Executive Vice President of Sales. Barrett’s has previously worked at transformational software, data, and analytics companies in the oil and gas industry during the digitization of that industry.
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