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Pre-Construction Software Platform, Relay, Achieves SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance

Houston, Texas; September 1, 2022 – Relay is one of the few SOC 2 certified construction technology firms. The SOC 2 designation gives Relay’s clients a high level of confidence their data will remain secure and private. To attain the compliance, Relay must adhere to industry-wide security standards set by financial, government and health care industries and undergo annual audits to ensure continued compliance.

Relay is preconstruction software that connects all stakeholders in a single platform to collaborate and communicate on projects. With its robust integrations and intuitive interface, Relay is the only platform a company needs to complete its entire preconstruction process. In addition to improved workflow efficiency and accuracy, Relay clients are able to collect and access their preconstruction data to uncover actionable insights. With Relay, customers can increase the predictability of projects and decrease margin erosion over time.

“From day one, we adopted the highest security and data standards to make sure we delivered secure and resilient software. We are handling our clients’ competitive data and want to maintain the highest level of trust and partnership with them over time. It has cost us extra to develop to these standards, and we are excited to see this investment so well received by the construction industry,” explained Lauren Bahorich, Chief Operating Officer of Relay.

Attaining the certification is a rigorous process to ensure a company manages its customers’ data in such a way to make it less vulnerable to attacks and thefts.  An independent audit firm assesses a company on five trust service principles, including security, confidentiality, privacy, availability, and process integrity. To maintain its SOC 2 certification, a company must renew its audit annually at a minimum.

Relay is construction bid software built by an estimator, for estimators. With Relay, stakeholders can use accurate data to seamlessly collaborate and move the preconstruction process forward, leaving information silos in the past.

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