Understanding Project Controls

Project controls serves as the real-time link between planning, on-site activities, and the world of accounting. This critical connection ensures that project costs and schedules remain appropriate while providing management with an accurate, up-to-date assessment of project status and requirements.

However, implementing effective project controls is notoriously challenging, as it demands a deep understanding of both field activities and cumbersome accounting systems. Furthermore, many contractors struggle to connect data systems across stakeholders, leading to project controls being too time-consuming and labor-intensive to implement effectively.

A modern project controls software is specifically designed to overcome these challenges. By leveraging untapped sources of data, a modern platform creates a self-reinforcing project data environment that connects your data systems, enabling you to efficiently plan and track project costs and schedules in real-time.

The Limitations of Spreadsheets
A Common Data Environment
An Early Warning System
Project Controls is Feasible

Modern project controls connects your data to enable data-informed decisions

Structured data collection enables visualization and usage
aerial view of a commercial construction project in progressaerial view of a commercial construction project in progress

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