Relay Preconstruction Workflow Product Screen

4 hrs

reduction in time spent on each RFP set-up and admin

$2.5 B

in capital projects estimated in Relay

250 hrs

timed saved by Relay/year for a 2 person team


participation by GCs

Build Conceptual Estimates with Your Historical Actuals

Owners can quickly solicit and compare bids apples-to-apples. Additionally, build a database of historical cost and schedule data to inform your own conceptual estimates that:
  • Reduces time and manual effort collecting and comparing bids so you can take on more projects
  • Gives you more accurate and detailed bid information that maintains margins for owners and GCs.
  • Increases alignment with GCs on project expectations and cost and schedule estimates over time without adding a lot of extra steps.
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Relay Preconstruction bid and resource management product screen
Streamline your Construction rfI process and beyond

Bid & Resource Management

Generate reliable, data-informed pro formas based on historical data and more detailed bids, making you more confident in forecasts and capital allocations.

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Common Data Environment

Centralize project information to improve accessibility and consistency of data for all project participants.

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Bid Management & Leveling

Simplify collection and comparison of contractor proposals with standardize bid forms and automated data organization.

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Estimate Templates

Estimate templates streamline the set-up process of new projects by providing a structured but customizable framework for consistency and accuracy.

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Dynamic Estimates

Real-time cost projections that adapt to changes in project scope, materials, labor, etc.

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Compare key performance metrics with similar historical projects to understand if you are getting better or worse at estimates and to improve your workflow.

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Track Against Estimates

Ensure financial control and enable proactive adjustments to maintain margins.

These owners are standardizing their construction RFIs with Relay

All Preconstruction Data and Participants in One Platform for Streamlined RFIs

Data Integration

Data Integration

Eliminate risks and save time with a standardized preconstruction process that is not a burden for your GCs.

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Increase your line of sight into cost and schedules with more detailed estimates that improve the feedback loops between owners and GCs.

Reliable Forecasting

Reliable Forecasting

All project cost and schedule data can be matched to pro forma so construction costs can be integrated into total project returns. Data is usable in the future to forecast project costs and schedules more accurately and to generate quick conceptual estimates. 



Use historical actuals to automatically and continuously optimize your resource allocation.

business intelligence

What owners are saying about Relay's RFP standardization

"If I have a one day turnaround on a proposal, we can now go into Relay to look at historical data. I no longer have to go back into the market and jump through a bunch of hoops to respond."
SVP Construction, Owner/Developer
"Relay is my competitive edge with my investors.”
Partner, Owner/Developer
"One of the most significant benefits for our team from using Relay is being able to standardize our process without becoming a burden for our GCs."
Patrick Keltner, Director of Innovation, Griffin Partners
aerial view of a commercial construction project in progressaerial view of a commercial construction project in progress

Why Relay

Strategically expand your business - with less risk, less investment, and little change management. Relay gives you flexibility within structure and scales as you grow.

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