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Preconstruction, historically a detached cost-of-doing-business, can now be an integral part of project execution

Connect planning and actuals data to deliver reliable cost and schedule estimates

Rather than simply estimating costs, Relay's cutting-edge preconstruction management solution allows preconstruction teams to make accurate, data-informed predictions rooted in historical data. With its focus on efficiency, Relay not only enables smoother project operations but also sets a new industry benchmark for efficiency.

Teams can now:
  • Reduce time spent in data transfer, reentry and collection by centralizing data storage
  • Streamline the bidding to estimate process by automating and standardizing some processes
  • Easily run bid variances and actual-to-estimate comparisons to improve future estimates
  • Improve the reliability of profit expectations for each project
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Relay Preconstruction Workflow Product Screen
Streamline your Preconstruction process and beyond

One platform for your entire preconstruction management workflow

From bidding to estimate, use one platform to eliminate data re-entry and rework. Generate reliable, data-informed future estimates based on historical data and more detailed bids, giving you more confidence.

Search and Filter Specialty Contractors 

Search the contractor database for specific filters like certifications or trade. 

Invite Contractors in No Time

Quickly narrow down and send invites to your chosen contractors. 

Receive and Compare Bids Apples-to-Apples 

Evaluate bids by line item, while easily referencing your estimates. Plug and level as needed.

A bid management and leveling application screenshot.

These owners are standardizing their construction ITBs with Relay

What contractors are saying about Relay

“We’ve been revisiting our estimating process recently after hitting a rough patch of stinker projects. After a ton of work we discovered that we were underpricing the underground work by about 40%. We have no idea how long we've been missing by that much.”
“We chose Relay after realizing we were constantly at risk, asking our estimators to move quickly through estimates while placing too many people in the critical path. Our team no longer waits to confirm the latest information, everything is right in front of everyone.”
“We vastly underestimate the risk we are taking with each project. Each assumption, plug, inaccurate number and scope gap is compounding risk that directly pulls on our margin. We are looking for any opportunity to reduce those unnecessary risks.”
“I wish I could celebrate winning a proposal right now. Instead, I immediately start worrying about what we missed.”
"I want to know, at the end of every project, why I was supposed to make 8% but only made 3%. That is my 5% disappearing. I don’t want to play the blame game, but I need to know what I can do in terms of additional training and support so we get closer to the 8% margin on the next project. I would love to catch these mistakes early so they aren’t shrugged off as the cost of doing business."
aerial view of a commercial construction project in progressaerial view of a commercial construction project in progress

Why Relay

Strategically expand your business - with less risk, less investment, and little change management. Relay gives you flexibility within structure and scales as you grow.

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