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Improve margins by reliably forecasting work and effectively

To increase revenue, owners must efficiently manage existing project costs while accurately forecast and plan for new ones. Relay's project portfolio management platform connects owners with more detailed cost and schedule estimates across their portfolio to make more data-informed decisions to:

Guess Less

Increase insight into project details and estimates

Improve project forecasting reliability

Enable better project tracking from conceptual to delivery

Increase alignment between owners and contractors

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Relay is an intuitive, easy to deploy platform

Experience unparalleled control and visibility over your construction projects with Relay

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Unified Information Hub

Relay’s common data environment consolidates all project information into one centralized platform, fostering seamless collaboration, improved data accuracy, and easy access to critical project details for all stakeholders.

Streamlined RFP Process

Simplify your RFP management with Relay's comprehensive platform, designed to create, distribute, and track RFPs effortlessly. Easily evaluate and compare proposals apples-to-apples to select the best partners for your projects.

Standardized Workflow

Promote consistency and efficiency across your planning efforts with Relay's workflow standardization features. Establish and enforce best practices, driving productivity and reducing the potential for errors.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Stay informed on your project's progress with Relay's real-time cost and schedule tracking tools. Monitor milestones, deadlines, and KPIs, enabling you to make proactive adjustments and ensure your projects stay on track.

Historical Data Access

Leverage your historical data in Relay to make informed decisions based on past performance. Gain valuable insights from completed projects to optimize pro formas, reduce risks, and improve overall project outcomes.

Reliable Conceptual Estimates

Generate quick conceptual estimates using your historical data, allowing you to evaluate project feasibility and set realistic budgets from the earliest stages of your projects.

Don't take our word for it

“One of the most significant benefits for our team from using Relay is being able to standardize our process without becoming a burden for our GCs. We have been able to scale our construction business without having to scale our team.”

Patrick Keltner

Director of Innovation, Griffin Partners

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Case Study

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Learn more about how Relay is shifting preconstruction from a cost center to the first step for strategic growth.

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Why Relay

Strategically expand your business - with less risk, less investment, and little change management. Relay gives you flexibility within structure and scales as you grow.

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