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More than construction bid software, Relay is a single platform to connect your preconstruction team and processes to deliver on-time and accurate bids you can learn from.

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Today’s fastest-growing contractors and owners are winning with Relay.

Why Companies Choose Relay

Collect and use all your preconstruction data in a single platform.

Relay customers realize how much valuable data they are generating during preconstruction but leaving inaccessible in disconnected spreadsheets. They know their competitive advantage starts with data connectivity between their systems to improve information flow and use.

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"If I have a one day turnaround on a proposal, we can now go into Relay to look at historical data. I no longer have to go back into the market and jump through a bunch of hoops to respond."
SVP Construction, Owner/Developer
“We vastly underestimate the risk we are taking with each project. Each assumption, plug, inaccurate number and scope gap is compounding risk that directly pulls on our margin. We are looking for any opportunity to reduce those unnecessary risks.”

Remove the inherent risks in using spreadsheets to bid complicated projects.

Broken macros, mis-copied data, missed communications, scope gaps, and lack of bid coverage are no longer risks when all your data and documentation are in one location.

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Get instant clarity into a project’s status.

With Relay’s dashboard and analytics, the whole team can see the most up-to-date project information with a status meeting. Have immediate access to numbers, awards, and documentation, while tracking and ensuring bid coverage.

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“We chose Relay after realizing we were constantly at risk, asking our estimators to move quickly through estimates while placing too many people in the critical path.  Our team no longer waits to confirm the latest information, everything is right in front of everyone.”
President, ENR 200 GC
“I wish I could celebrate winning a bid right now. Instead, I immediately start worrying about what we missed.”
Director of Preconstruction, ENR 300 GC

Have a clearer sense of a project’s risk profile as you make Go, No Go decisions.

Use benchmark data from past projects to increase your confidence in project assumptions and to make better informed decisions.

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Equip your team so they can spend time on value-add tasks.

Professional estimators currently spend hours per project copy/pasting data, searching for documentation, following up with other stakeholders, and in status meetings. Eliminate these menial tasks so your team can be more proactive.

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“For every project I bid, I personally spend at least 8 hours copying and pasting numbers between spreadsheets and reviewing communication logs. That adds up to a lot of hours across our team.”
Estimator, ENR 100 GC

The construction industry is evolving. The winners are at the front-end of the digital evolution.

Join Relay to lead the change.