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Relay Launches Its Construction Bid Software with Its First Clients

Houston, Texas; Feb 21, 2022 – Construction bid software Relay Construction Solutions has officially launched, with its imminent roll out to its first three clients. Adam Wolf, Relay co-founder, first conceptualized Relay while working as an estimator at McCarthy Building Companies. As an estimator, he struggled to stay on top of sub communication and deliver and defend his bids in an effective manner. “As a team, we were being asked to deliver more bids with tighter turnarounds. I wanted to provide more proactive value to the team but was often limited by the sheer amount of time it took me to stay on top of sub communications, changes and updating numbers,” Adam explained. In addition to Adam’s estimating experience, Relay has developed its pre-construction management tool alongside many other estimators, with over 200 feedback meetings over the course of its initial development.

“I was in the office of one of our first users last week,” shared Adam, “when his manager came in to ask a question on an active bid. Our user did not need to search through past emails and files to answer the question, but he was able to just click on the number at hand in Relay, see the support for the number, and respond. All this took 30 seconds. This was a hugely validating moment for me personally and for Relay as a tool for true workflow improvement.”

Relay is currently adding to its team to ensure its best-in-class support to all clients. Relay COO Lauren Bahorich shared, “We have built a product we are confident solves many of the problems facing preconstruction teams today. That is only one half of a good tech company and partner, however. We also have to serve our customers with responsive, personal and proactive service to ensure their success with Relay. Ultimately, we only win if our customers win with our product, so we are putting a lot of attention and resources to ensure the delight and successful adoption of our clients.”

Relay replaces the many unconnected spreadsheets estimating teams use to estimate and bid projects. All project communication, including communication internally and with subs, can be done in the app, with the communication stored at the appropriate line-item or project-level location. With the Relay platform, preconstruction data and work is no longer isolated and difficult to locate. Rather, all stakeholders can collaborate in a single, intuitive environment and access historical information.

Relay is construction bid software built by an estimator, for estimators. With Relay, stakeholders can use accurate data to seamlessly collaborate and move the preconstruction process forward, leaving information silos in the past.

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