Revolutionizing Construction Management: Harnessing the Power of Cost and Schedule Integration


In the construction industry, discussions at every conference center around well-funded general contractors (GCs) and large engineering, procurement, and construction services (EPC) companies that have the resources to track project delivery using a dedicated project controls staff. However, this level of resource allocation is often unattainable for most organizations. This is where Relay, a modern project controls platform, enters the scene to modernize project controls for the commercial construction industry.

Understanding Project Controls

Project controls serves as the real-time link between on-site activities and the world of accounting. This critical connection ensures that project costs and schedules remain appropriate while providing management with an accurate, up-to-date assessment of project status and requirements. However, implementing effective project controls is notoriously challenging, as it demands a deep understanding of both field activities and cumbersome accounting systems. Furthermore, many contractors struggle to connect data systems across stakeholders, leading to project controls being too time-consuming and labor-intensive to implement effectively.

Introducing Relay

Enter Relay, a modern project controls software specifically designed to overcome these challenges. By leveraging untapped sources of data, Relay creates a self-reinforcing project data environment that connects your data systems, enabling you to efficiently plan and track project costs and schedules in real-time.

The Relay Advantage

Relay users can quantitatively measure project performance without adding to their existing workflows. This innovative software solution enables organizations to reliably align project delivery expectations with real-time status, internal estimates and subcontractor commitments, while sourcing conceptual estimating from actual past project data. By providing a common data environment, Relay translates real-world activities into project outcomes in terms of dollars and time, facilitating more accurate resource forecasting. Moreover, Relay seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting systems and scheduling software.

Discover the Relay Difference

Skeptical about Relay's capabilities? Schedule a 15-minute consultation with us to explore how the lack of efficient project controls has impacted your past projects, and learn how Relay can revolutionize your construction management processes. Embrace the future of construction management by harnessing the power of cost and schedule integration through Relay.

Why Relay

Strategically expand your business - with less risk, less investment, and little change management. Relay gives you flexibility within structure and scales as you grow.

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