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Relay Construction Bid Software Hires Reed Barrett as Executive VP of Sales

Houston, Texas; July 21, 2022 – Construction bid software Relay has hired Reed Barrett as its Executive Vice President of Sales. Barrett’s previous experience includes driving account growth and leading sales teams at transformational software, data, and analytics companies in the oil and gas industry, like Vortexa, RS Energy Group and Enverus. He also co-founded a software company in the higher education industry, CampusOptics.

“Pre-construction has the same opportunity in front of it that oil and gas faced 6-7 years ago,” said Barrett. “Both industries are tremendously complex and capital intensive and require a data-driven process to drive better outcomes. Right now, there are so many disconnected legacy workflows and tired software technologies in construction, which results in fragmented workflows, siloed systems and disconnected data. Relay solves these problems.”

Relay’s Chief Operating Officer, Lauren Bahorich, said Barrett is the perfect fit to drive Relay’s mission of creating opportunities for stakeholders in the construction industry to bid better and build better.

“His track record of identifying strategic partners and growth opportunities in the oil and gas industry will guide Relay’s construction analytics roadmap,” said Bahorich.

In his previous roles in the oil and gas industry, Barrett helped companies retire legacy workflows and lean into modern technologies that equipped them with the advanced analytics they needed to make precise decisions that positively impacted their bottom lines.

“Reed has a laser-sharp knack for pinpointing workflow deficiencies and steering people in the business world toward the ‘working smarter, not harder’ mentality,” said Relay’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Bahorich. “His insights will be critical to the preconstruction industry’s continued growth.”

At Relay, Barrett’s focus will be on driving smarter workflows and conversations between general contractors, subcontractors and owners. Relay helps stakeholders move through the various stages of the preconstruction process by capturing and synthesizing clean data and funneling it into a single platform that’s accessible to all team members.

“I’m excited to play a role in this game-changing technology,” said Barrett.

Relay is construction bid software built by an estimator, for estimators. With Relay, stakeholders can use accurate data to seamlessly collaborate and move the preconstruction process forward, leaving information silos in the past.

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