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reduction in time spent on project admin

$2.5 B

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reduction in time to QA & approve bids


increase in team capacity by removing double work

Predictable Construction Project Delivery Starts Here

Relay aggregates pre-construction project data with actuals from other business systems into a single data hub for all participants to collaboratively improve project planning and tracking, resulting in more predictable project delivery to:

Mitigate risk

Proactively mitigate risks to budget, time, and margins as projects progress

Increase accuracy

Continuously increase estimate accuracy and reduce errors 

Decrease time

Decrease time spent generating, validating, and updating estimates

Efficiently handoff

Enable data-rich and efficient handoffs between each stage and stakeholders 

Build Trust

Strategically build trust between owners and contractors

Owners and Contractors are Winning with Relay

“We’ve been revisiting our estimating process recently after hitting a rough patch of stinker projects. After a ton of work we discovered that we were underpricing the underground work by about 40%. We have no idea how long we've been missing by that much.”
“We chose Relay after realizing we were constantly at risk, asking our estimators to move quickly through estimates while placing too many people in the critical path. Our team no longer waits to confirm the latest information, everything is right in front of everyone.”
“We vastly underestimate the risk we are taking with each project. Each assumption, plug, inaccurate number and scope gap is compounding risk that directly pulls on our margin. We are looking for any opportunity to reduce those unnecessary risks.”
“I wish I could celebrate winning a proposal right now. Instead, I immediately start worrying about what we missed.”
"I want to know, at the end of every project, why I was supposed to make 8% but only made 3%. That is my 5% disappearing. I don’t want to play the blame game, but I need to know what I can do in terms of additional training and support so we get closer to the 8% margin on the next project. I would love to catch these mistakes early so they aren’t shrugged off as the cost of doing business."

Align all project stakeholders from planning to delivery 

Relay is a centralized location to plan, track and analyze construction projects. A common data hub allows you to programmatically improve accuracy, visibility, and collaboration at each stage, across all projects and across internal and external stakeholders. In all, make your entire project portfolio more predictable and repeatable. 

Data Integration

Data Integration

A common data environment improves access and visibility to real-time project data for all project participants, including project accounting.

data integration



In-app collaboration allows project participants to collaborate in real-time for efficient handoffs and contextual communication. 

office field collaboration



Standardize pre-planning to reduce time spent on estimates and make projects more repeatable and predictable.  

workflow standardization



Use historical actuals to automatically and continuously optimize estimates at each stage.  

business intelligence

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Reduce risks of surprises and protect margins at every stage of a project by reducing data silos and data re-entry with a single data hub, centralizing real-time project information to improve process efficiency, handoffs, and decision-making.
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Workflow optimization

Improve how you plan and estimate projects by aligning spreadsheets and documentation across workstreams and individuals. 
Common data environment
Project templates
Dynamic estimates
Project benchmarking
Relay Preconstruction Workflow Product Screen

Bid & Resource Management

Issue data-informed estimates, collected efficiently from specialty contractors and informed by historical benchmarks for more bids won and projects delivered on time and at cost.
Bid solicitation
Bid management & leveling
In-App collaboration
Status and KPI’s
Dynamic owner reporting
Status & change alerts
Relay Preconstruction bid and resource management product screen

Intelligence & Project Insights

Track a project in real-time to proactively identify risk and improve project delivery. Easily identify areas of opportunity for future project delivery.
Progress Tracking
Resource loading
Reliable forecasting
Cost & Schedule Control
Relay Preconstruction Earned value management product screen
aerial view of a commercial construction project in progressaerial view of a commercial construction project in progress

Why Relay

Strategically expand your business - with less risk, less investment, and little change management. Relay gives you flexibility within structure and scales as you grow.

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