Bid Management and Leveling

Save time and improve data reliability from the beginning. Relay provides enough structure to produce accurate results while maintaining the flexibility you expect from a spreadsheet. In Relay, you can invite subs to bid and then level and award bids without multiple spreadsheets or status update meetings.

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A bid management and leveling application screenshot.
A contextual communication application screenshot.

Contextual Communication

Reduce time spent following up with other stakeholders, including your team and specialty contractors. All communication and documentation can be done in-app and is tied contextually to the question at hand

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Updates and Revision Tracking

Update data easily as changes are made and estimates refined while still maintaining a record of previous numbers. Easily compare current data to past data.

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A revision tracking application screenshot.
A screenshot depicting how user management works within the Relay Tech application.

User Management and Audit Log

Quickly set up a new project confident no errors from past spreadsheets will be copied into the new project. Delegate roles and set permission levels with the user management system. Track changes and updates across the team with the audit log.

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Give your estimators the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.