In-Project KPIs

Maintain a clear line of sight into the status of a project, including bid coverage, awards, exclusions and red flags.

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A screenshot graphic showing various data from within the Relay Tech application.
Graphical screenshots from the Relay Tech application that show project benchmarking.

Project Benchmarking

With your clean, structured pre-construction data in Relay, chart historical costs to proactively benchmark and improve your estimates over time. Additionally, benchmarking gives you the numbers quickly you need to drive high-level feasibility conversations with potential clients.

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Progress Set Analysis

Track and analyze how division costs change across a project's timeline with one click. Quickly determine what line items or divisions are driving change.

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A graph from the Relay Tech software showing a graphical representation of tracking and analizing data.
A red, blue, and yellow pie chart graphic.

Conceptual Estimates BETA

Benchmark historical bid data against actuals to uncover average real costs for similar projects so that you can create conceptual bids quickly and on target. Generate accurate conceptual estimates without using your estimators' time, while still proving trust and competency with owners.

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