Preconstruction is Your Competitive Edge

Make Your Data an Asset to Drive Predictability and Profitability

Traditionally, preconstruction has been manual, time-consuming, and expensive. Rather than mitigating risk for a company, the assumptions, gaps, and unknowns made during preconstruction introduce risk from the first steps of a project.

With Relay, preconstruction becomes a proactive, real-time process that proactively improves workflow productivity, reduces risk, protects margins, and builds trust with clients

Legacy workflows and stagnant data silos are holding you back from growth.

Join Relay in leading the change.


How would your business change if you could:

  • Allocate resources more efficiently?
  • Increase confidence in project assumptions?
  • Accurately and quickly generate conceptual estimates?
  • Off-ramp risky projects?
  • Secure your margin by understanding the risk profile of each project?
  • Predict and proactively mitigate risk?

Relay is developing Oracle, a suite of predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions, to solve the industry’s most difficult challenges.

We are looking for strategic partners to guide its development to solve their most pressing challenges.

Will you join us in leading the change?


The Relay team is a unique team of construction insiders, successful tech founders, and leading development talent from some of the most transformational companies of the past decade. We are uniquely capable to solve the industry’s workflow and analytics challenges in a way that delivers measurable impact.

We’ve worked at

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Expand Preconstruction from a
Cost Of Business to a Margin Driver

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