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Connect all stakeholders in a single, cloud-based platform, including management and estimating teams, specialty contractors, suppliers, and owners.

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Communicate in-app and in context with your internal team or external stakeholders. Ask questions, make updates, and markup reference documents at the project or line-item level. No more digging through emails for the most recent information.

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Reduce redundant data entry and rework to save both time and prevent errors. Specialty contractors fill in their bid information and submit, and then the data fills a general contractor’s bid system. No more copy and paste.

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Bid data is no longer siloed in hard-to-access excel spreadsheets. With a single platform for all preconstruction data, including estimating, take-off, and value engineering, follow and update data through the lifecycle of a project.

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Change management and revisions are no longer a headache. Update the phase of a project to reflect project changes, while maintaining the past phase data to track how a project changes over time.

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Enable a full-scope documentation and handover process. Data-rich hand-off to project management allows construction to begin on a solid footing. With Relay, integrate into accounting and project management systems to streamline those processes, and then integrate actuals back into Relay to inform future estimates and planning.

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Transform intuition into fact to make every estimator your best estimator. The costs and quantities tracked in Relay allow estimators to determine trends that impact overall project cost and performance.

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Maintain a clear line of sight into the status, content, and support for a bid so the team is well-informed at key decision points to continue or off-board projects.

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View a current bid in the context of past bids. Historical data gives you the power to better understand the risk profile of the project, which allows your team to proactively address risk and prevent margin fade.

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Bring all your data together in one location. Unlock intelligence and key business insights like never before with structured, accessible data and analysis.

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BETA Quickly and accurately generate conceptual estimates. Enable your estimating team to quickly compile conceptual estimates that both save them time and build trust with potential clients.

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BETA With your historical data and Relay’s best-in-class data analytics, improve project predictability. Make better decisions upfront and stay well-informed to proactively predict and mitigate risk.

The construction industry is evolving. The winners are at the front-end of the digital evolution. Join Relay to lead the change.