A black and white photo of the Dallas Texas skyline.
A black and white photo of the Dallas Texas skyline.

For Estimators

Manage a detailed bid evaluation process to provide an accurate, on-time lump-sum estimate

Prevent data and scope gaps and maintain coverage for your sections

Streamline communication with specialty contractors and internal stakeholders

Save time by eliminating copy/paste and redundant work

For Management

Allocate your team's resources and time efficiently with improved productivity and insight into ideal projects

Maintain a clear line of sight into the status of a particular project so that you are well-informed at all points

Leverage data to improve resource forecasting to bid project general conditions more accurately

Deliver predictable outcomes for clients

For Specialty Contractors

Track bid invitations, due dates and bid updates in a single location

Communicate with GCs at the line-item level to ensure you're both on the same page

Never miss another project update or change. GCs use Relay's announcement feature to keep everyone up to date

Submit bids in a single platform. No more copy and paste

For Owners

Get visibility into details and flexible breakdowns of estimates

Easily track past and updated estimates as change orders occur

Maintain digital documentation and practices from design to completion for a complete picture of your building

Improve your confidence in the accuracy of project estimates

Bid Confidently with Relay